Little League Baseball, Votes, Social Media and Not Keeping Score

There’s a movement afoot in American Little League Baseball. Actually, in some communities it has been going on for a while. Instead of having competition among the younger teams, administrators, coaches and parents have decided to simply stop keeping score. Whether the game ends 10-2, 6-5 or 25-0, it is irrelevant. Everyone is declared winner. When I first heard about this practice, I had very mixed feelings. I have come to understand why it’s being done.

I began to participate in Social Media, very belatedly, about one year ago.

I began to blog, to Tweet and to upload my Business article and blog links to sites where voting takes place. I informed my regular readers and “fans” that I would be doing so. Many of these readers followed me to the sites where voting takes place and have regularly voted for my articles. I have done quite well.


More and more, however, I have recently begun to think back to the Little League Baseball thing. I have begun to have second thoughts about voting. Voting is about winning and…losing. It’s a principle and a practice I have begun to think less and less favorably about.

Voting can make people do funny things. It can create alliances. It can create “blocks.” It can end in favoritism and it can make scores that are “blow-outs.” In the words of a famous Pink Floyd song, it can create an… 

…mentality. It can create bad feelings. It can create grudges. It can create an atmoshere ripe for ostracism. If people stop voting for you in stages, that’s one thing, but when a large group of voters who used to vote for you on a regular basis all begin to systematically skip over your articles on the same exact day, and never vote for you again, it can seem, very obviously and blatantly, a coordinated move. It can seem quite personal and it can force you to ask “What the heck is going on here?”

Sometimes it seems like a game:

I have recently contacted my regular readers, my “fans” so to speak, and asked them to kindly refrain from voting for my articles. “Vote for others,” I have told them, “please just not for mine.” This blog post is simply about reaching out to others and saying, “Please don’t vote for me anymore. I no longer wish to keep score.” If you like an article of mine and you think others may enjoy it, ReTweet it; I would be grateful. If you wish to leave me a comment or feedback…go for it. I’d love to hear from you. Please, however, don’t vote for me!

I, myself, will continue to vote for others. It seems to be an important part of Social Media. I understand why voting takes place and respect it. I just don’t want to be on the receiving end anymore. If it means I don’t end up on “most-voted-for” lists anymore and as a consequence I have less re-Tweets, so be it.

“Winning isn’t always finishing first. Sometimes just finishing is winning” —Manuel Diotte, Motivational Speaker

I feel very comfortable and AT PEACE with my decision and I am looking forward to having my articles and blog posts read in a non-competitive atmosphere! 



Yonatan Maisel is a business blogger and author. He started a business blog one year ago. 90% of his new clients now find their way to him as a direct result of having read one or more posts. He is a regular contributor at and
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One Response to Little League Baseball, Votes, Social Media and Not Keeping Score

  1. Susan Oakes says:

    Hi Yoni,

    I can understand where you are coming from. People will vote for different reasons and I guess it is up to everyone to decide why and when they will vote, interact or comment. For some it is to show appreciation of the article for others it is to help themselves and friends for example.

    People are quite savvy and know when the system is being swayed. For me i will continue to vote, comment and Rt your posts because I like them, they make me think and I learn from them.


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