BizSugar Profile In Excellence: Marketing Guru Susan Oakes from the “Land Down Under”


From the land of Crocodile Dundee, Foster’s Lager, and “shrimp on the barbee,” comes Susan Oakes, Marketing guru extraordinaire.


She’s a master of Marketing and a successful entrepreneur who has brought her excellence to such companies as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Thomas Cook.

Susan now works with companies and individuals alike, assisting them on the path to Marketing excellence and success.

And among all of her other duties, Susan presents, twice-weekly, her incredible blog posts filled with wisdom, insight, experience, acumen and principles from the world of Marketing. Whether it’s the strategy of finding return customers, questions to ask before choosing marketing tactics, or her gem of a classic, the recent “Marketing Lessons from Kids and Grandmas”  if you’re looking for a great dependable Marketing blog overflowing with wit, insight, knowledge and candor, look no further!

I myself entered this crazy world of 21st century business without one iota of Marketing experience or knowledge. There’s a reason why Susan has become my go-to-person for that wisdom that I so need. She is a treasure-trove of relevant, timely and accurate information.


Looking for a great Marketing blog to help you on the path to success?

Looking for a Marketing genius to help your company navigate the crazily-paced, mind-numbing world of business.

Looking for Marketing Coaching, Online Courses or Business Marketing Plans?

Turn to Susan Oakes, a Marketing Master with over 25 years of rock-solid experience and excellence at



Note: This un-solicted blog post is not an advertisement, it is quite simply as the title states, a “Profile in Business Excellence!”



Yonatan Maisel is a business blogger and author. He started a business blog one year ago. 90% of his new clients now find their way to him as a direct result of having read one or more posts. He is a regular contributor at and
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One Response to BizSugar Profile In Excellence: Marketing Guru Susan Oakes from the “Land Down Under”

  1. Susan Oakes says:

    Hi Yoni,

    Thank you so much. It is very unexpected and I really do appreciate you writing this post. One thing I said to a Product Manager working for me as much as they say they learn from me I learn a lot from them. This is very true of you so thank for helping me learn as well.

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