AIR-RAGE at JFK: A Biz/News Story I HAD to Write About!

I saw this story all over the national and international news this morning and had to give my two-cents.

Yesterday, on a JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh to JFK, a passenger smacked a flight-attendant, Steven Slater, in the head while taking down a bag from the overhead bin. Apparently the flight attendant was hit quite hard, some say hard enough to almost knock him to the floor. When no apology or acknowledgement was forthcoming, the attendant asked for one. The passenger ignored the request and became “mouthy.”

With the plane already on the ground, the flight attendant went to the plane’s galley, took out a beer, popped it open, began to drink it, opened the emergency door, released the emergency slide and jumped.


He went home where police found him and arrested him.

The full story, courtesy of FOXNews is available here.

What is most AMAZING to me is that in the wake of this incident, Facebook pages have been set up in the name of the attendant. Praise and admiration are POURING in for him from around the globe.

My question is this:

Is this the act of a mad lunatic?

Or is this the act of a businessman who has a little part of each and everyone of us inside of him…a part that is sick and tired of dealing with difficult, beligerent, disruptive and horrible customers?

A part of him, to borrow a line from the movie Network, which screamed loud and clear for all to hear: “I’m mad as HELL and I’m not going to take it anymore!” 

I believe it is the second choice!



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