Airport Check-In, At Home! What a Deal!

I recently flew to the U.S. for a quick visit to see family and friends.

There are some great reasons to choose El Al. First and foremost is the missile-seekers and anti-missile system which you know is in the belly of the aircraft, capable of taking down anything from a SAM-6 to a shoulder-fired “Stinger.” It’s a very secure feeling. The second is a game that travelers on the airline love to play: Guess which scary looking guys are the air-marshals.

But there is a new service, and one which I happily took advantage of. As far as I know, it’s unique in the airline industry. It’s at-home or in your workplace check-in.

That’s right. Forget about carrying heavy luggage into the airport, standing for an hour at check-in and waiting another hour for the most rigorous security-check in the industry.

For a very small fee, they’ll come to you!

 As I sat at home with my husband and our dog, the doorbell rang. It was 28 hours before my flight. I opened the door. A check-in attendant with laptop and a rather intimidating-looking security officer entered our apartment.

The check-in and security check all took place on our couch. Security questions and background checks were administered. But believe me here: just because it’s in your home, the questions aren’t any easier. It’s the exact same rigorous and systematic “interrogation” designed to make you sweat! Then my luggage was weighed. I was given my stamped boarding pass and pre-flight security form. With a smile, the team departed with my luggage, and that was it!

When I arrived at the airport, only purse and a small carry-on bag in hand, I walked straight past all of the sweaty, impatient-looking travelers, straight past the security-checks, through passport-control and right into the airport lounge, ready to do an hour or so of Duty-Free shopping. It gave me plenty of time to find my favorite perfume and the bottle of Jim Beam Bourbon which my husband Yoni asks for when I travel alone!

This all doesn’t mean that security at Ben-Gurion Airport (NATBAG to Israelis) is lax for those who use this service. They say that from the time your car comes through the first gate at the outer perimeter until you walk into the terminal, without even knowing, you’ve already been filmed and scanned dozens of times. They take their security seriously around here.

At-home check-in is an awesome service!

Business success is about finding unique products and services to offer.

It’s about finding niches which offer added convenience, ease of service, saving time and effort and ways to satisfy.

What ideas can you think of to make life easier for your business customers, clients and prospects?


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