How to Succeed (ROCK!) on BizSugar in 3 RIDICULOUSLY EASY Steps!

1) INTEGRATE Yourself Into the Community! Active participants, those who vote and give feedback to others, consistently succeed on BizSugar. Those who don’t rarely do! The key is to be genuine! Don’t just vote for articles to get votes back…come to learn from others and to express interest! That’s what you want in return, isn’t it? BizSugar is more than a typical Social Media agregator for articles and blog postings; it is a place to come and learn from others, share ideas and be part of a business community. Participating is the key!

2) STOP Posting Your Articles and Running Away! Stick around and be an ACTIVE participant. Vote. Comment. If you don’t interact with others, chances are others will not interact with you. BizSugar members call it “Hit-and-Run Posting.” It happens when we see someone posting their articles and logging out immediately, only to return next time they post. And do the same thing again. The members as a group don’t seem like this very much. Try and visit regularly, not just at those times when you post your articles! Y’up; back to that participation and community-building thing again!

As one moderator just commented: peoples’ posting and voting records are there for all to see: you’ve posted 26 articles, voted for yourself 26 times, voted for nobody else and posted no comments! It doesn’t fool anybody except yourself!

3) STOP being part of a “clique.” You might have a small group of friends that you always vote for and that always votes for you. This will NOT help you become part of the larger group! This tactic very quickly becomes apparent. Members do not like seeing this.

BizSugar members tend to be a fickle but welcoming group. They embrace those who want to share in “La Cosa Nostra” (“This thing of ours”…No mafia reference here), but those who choose not to integrate into the community rarely, if ever, succeed. It’s just the way it is! Try going to a party, dance, meeting or social event, sitting all by yourself, and refusing to talk to anyone else. The same thing will probably happen!

This is, by far, the SHORTEST blog post I have EVER written in my life and career.


Because it is so F%&#ING EASY! Invest a little bit of time in becoming part of this GREAT community and you will see a rapid and profitable return on your investment! Follow these simple steps and stop asking yourself “Why are others succeeding on BizSugar and I’m not?”



Yonatan Maisel is a business blogger and author. He started a business blog one year ago. 90% of his new clients now find their way to him as a direct result of having read one or more posts. He is a regular contributor at and
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