Are Business-Bloggers Running Out of Things to Blog About?

Are we really running out of things to blog about?

If repetition is a good criteria, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

My goodness, several months ago I said to myself “If I have to read one more blog post entitled ‘How American Idol Affects Your Business’ I WILL shoot myself.”

And then there is the “5 Ways You Can Improve Your Business With Social Media!’ Or 8 Ways. Or 10 ways! I’ve read scores of these posts in the last few months. In actuality, they are the same tips over and over. And over. And over!


Knowledge goes far in business-blogging, but the fact is many, many, many people have that knowledge. Creativity is a MUST for business-bloggers. It is the single factor which will set you apart from others! As a published literary writer and author myself, I recommend to others who might need a creativity boost to sign up for creative writing classes or workshops. They are the perfect way to get the juices flowing! And they are usually not very expensive.

Finding new and exciting things to engage, entertain and provoke thought among your readers is non-negotiable.

Use all ideas and inspiration to write your posts! Remember, a business-blog need not be just about business. Inject current events. Link great thoughts from movies to your subject matter. Bring music into it. Utilize video. Morph business with sitcoms, your dog, love, your ex-spouse, aliens, Pygmies, athletes foot, binge-drinking, peyote, plastic-surgery, fractures of the femur, sewers, centipedes, milipedes, coconut milk, the Crimean War, artichoke-hearts, ear-wax, muscle-twitches, the letter “W,” The New York Jets, dandruff, hairy backs or tone-deafness. Just make it a bit different (or A LOT different!) than what’s been done before! Use ANYTHING you need to to give it that kick!

Then there is always “Plan B”…

Yup, Repackaging/Recycling/Re-Using:

It would seem on the surface of things that there is indeed a finite, limited arsenal of things to biz-blog about. And it would seem furthermore that just about every subject there is to blog about has already been used.

So, you’re going to re-package a subject that has been saturated. Y’up. Not a problem. You’re going to write about ways that Social Media can help your business (groan!). Or American Idol.


You better find an original angle to inject into the work. If not, readers will certainly react the way I’ve been reacting more and more lately…”Ho-hum. Been there. Done that. Read that.”

Even recycling demands creativity!

If you want readers, AND RETURN READERSHIP, you’d better throw something our way that we haven’t seen before. Make it original. Make it memorable. Make it thought-provoking. Stop with those boring, bland titles! “Stop with the “5 Ways Social Media Can…” And stop with the “5 Ways American Idol Affects…”

Make people interested enough to read! Knock peoples’ socks off with titles like:

“If They Had Social Media in Elizabethan-England, Might Networking and the Dissemination of Ideas Have Helped Women Realize That Those Huge Poofy Dresses They Wore and Thought Looked So Darn Cool Actually Looked Absolutely Ridiculous: Implications On the 21st Century Garment Industry. And What Was Up With Those Freaky Powdered-Wigs the Fellahs Were Sportin?'” 


“How Bob’s Big Boy Could Revolutionize The Way We See Hamburgers and The Modern Fast-Food Industry If He Would Appear on American Idol In Drag and Rap a Duet With Ice-T!”

Or my latest…

 “Why I am Going to Find a Massive, Extremely High, Windswept, Seaside Cliff to Throw Myself Off Of to A Splattering Nasty Death If I have to Read One More Post That Begins ‘Seven Ways Social Media’ or ‘5 Ways American Idol’: Why Suicide Will Have Devastating Implications On Me and My Business!’

Okay, perhaps I did exaggerate just a bit there. But take my point…

Make it original!


Make people think!






Yonatan Maisel is a business blogger and author. He started a business blog one year ago. 90% of his new clients now find their way to him as a direct result of having read one or more posts. He is a regular contributor at and




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