Biz Sugar Contest to Be Re-Run in September: A “Do-Over”

Recently a decision was made to hold a contest on BizSugar. The author of the original article with the most votes would be declared winner and be the recipient of a prize.

The contest was won by BizSugar’s Shawn Hessinger for his EPIC article “How to Build a Community.” If you are looking to build your own online community or are looking to succeed as a member of BizSugar or any other biz-related site, this is a Must-Read article!

Shawn is an absolutely incredible writer who brings insight, wisdom, knowledge, business-acumen and special flair to every piece which he writes. Shawn is also a gentleman first-class who works hard every day to make BizSugar the wonderful place that it is! Shawn is Chief-Moderator of the site.

Due to his position as Chief-Moderator, and the influence that the position exerts, Shawn thought it to be in the best interest of all to decline the prize. Though I am disappointed and he earned it, I feel that Shawn is to be lauded, commended and respected for his decision.

It was thought that perhaps the prize would be awarded to the second-place article…but that was Shawn’s too.

Third-place… yup, that would also be Shawn. That’s how good of a writer, businessman, blogger and communicator he is!

The contest will be re-run during the month of September. Details will follow at that time. 

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