A Time-Zone Converter: An Essential Global Business Tool

“Does anybody really know what time it is?”  ~Super-group Chicago in their classic 70s smash-hit of the same name

“Time! The great corrector when our judgements err.  ~Lord Byron

As a businessperson in the global community, it is essential to know the correct answer. You might be based in Portland, Oregon, London, Dublin or Tokyo. And you might have clients in Johannesburg, Stockholm, Miami or Delhi.

How many hours back is Vancouver? Wait! I’ve got a client in Hamburg. Have they set their clocks back yet? Is there more than one time-zone in Germany? What about my contact in Australia? Is there Daylight Savings Time there? The questions can be endless!

Stop trying to make those critical calculations in your mind, or by counting on your fingers, and risk missing a crucial phone-call, fax, conference-call, deadline, meeting, flight schedule or business-lunch.

I have found the following Time-Zone Converter to be extremely useful and user-friendly. One look at the map and you’ll see local times anywhere in the world. Daylight-Savings times and other global variables of season are automatically calculated in. The map includes GMT plus (+) and minus (-) for all zones as well.

Stop guessing and know what time it is!




Yonatan Maisel is a business blogger and author. He started a business blog one year ago. 90% of his new clients now find their way to him as a direct result of having read one or more posts. He is a regular contributor at www.bizSugar.com and www.jobshuk.com.

images: globe:maps-continents: Clock: collectibles-now

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