USA Today and It’s Impact on Your Business Blog: A Quick Thought

Here is a rather typical newspaper below. It could be any newspaper, though I randomly chose one without a name so as not to offend any publishers:

As you can “plainly” see (pun intended!) it is rather plain, dull, lifeless and there is a lot of black and white! No matter how good the content might be, the experience of reading it is probably not very exciting. Pity!

Now take a look at a few items from USA Today, an American newspaper which introduced a new and exciting concept into the world of newspapers several decades ago: color, bright images, a dynamic, appealing appearance, great graphs, charts and graphics…and more.

A sample front page (all images are from the print-edition, not online):

And another:

And another:

 And a sample inside page:

And some of the great graphs, charts, graphics and pictures the paper is famous for:



“So,” you might ask, “What Does this have to do with my business blog?” 

“It has a lot to do with it” is the answer!

Humans are visual creatures. 

It begins, according to behavioral psychologists, early in life.

Give your child a choice of two balls: one plain white, the other blue with red stripes. Do you have any doubt which they will choose? This mentality follows humans right into adulthood. They like a splash of color. They like images. They like graphs and graphics.

Along with all of those black words on white space, they like a treat for the eyes.

It’s the reason why USA Today is so darn popular. While many print-edition newspapers are going out of business, USA Today is still a smash-hit with readers!

The same is true for a blog. It can be filled with amazing content. It can be educational. It can have amazing tips and advice. But if you are still using a standard template with mono fonts, black and white colors and no graphics, the result can be DULL!

So add a bit of color:

Change font styles.

Add images, charts and graphs:          

Make it

Give your readers a feast for the eyes and the senses along with the great stuff you write about! Nobody is saying that a bit of pizzazz is a substitute for great content, but it does enhance it!

The point of a blog after all is to get readers to come back again and again. And again!

So ask yourself, “Which do you prefer?” and “Which do you think your readers might prefer?”


Or this?



Yonatan Maisel is a business blogger and author. He started a business blog one year ago. 90% of his new clients now find their way to him as a direct result of having read one or more posts. He is a regular contributor at and
Image credits: Color pallete:; fonts: adenm at flickr; USA Today images: USA Today. Solar System: helensguidetothegalaxy; graph:; Lucy: Charles Schultz; Fun:; Eye:
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