The Most Amazing Business Product Placement EVER: SPAM & Monty Python!


The Most Amazing Business Product Placement EVER: SPAM & Monty Python!!!

It was, and still is, the GREATEST product placement of all time! In this case, it was not paid for by the company which manufactured the product, as most are. It was free and the incredible effect it had was mind-blowing!

When, in 1970, the INSANE writers at Monty Python decided to make a skit based on Hormel’s “something-of-a-meat-product,” SPAM, little could anybody have known what would happen!

Below you will see the skit on video. But first, did you know that…

1) The word “SPAM” is said 132 times in the short skit!

2) Hormel was initially appalled by the skit!

3) SPAM sales rose dramatically following the skit.

4) Hormel has since used the Monty Python sketch in advertisements, marketing ventures and on special commemorative-edition cans of SPAM.

5) Consumer recognition of the SPAM product rose 72% following the skit!

6) If you keep in mind that today a 5-second product placement in a major motion picture or leading TV series can fetch $500,000, this was a marketing coup-de-tat for Hormel!

Roll the video please!


Aaahh. Free advertising!



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Image credits: TV: Michael Shaw; SPAM: the Hormel Corporation

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