5 Excellent, Mind-Blowing Reasons NOT to Join bizsugar.com!

 5 Excellent, Mind-Blowing Reasons NOT to Join bizsugar.com!!

1) You HATE Learning! BizSugar is so filled, to the point of over-flowing, with relevant, practical, interesting, insightful and easy-to-implement business wisdom, tips and advice. The greatest minds in small-business congregate daily at BizSugar. If the thought of getting your hands on all of this awesome information which can benefit you and your business is too much for you to handle…turn on the TV instead…

I’m sure there are some reruns of Macgyver on! Tune in and learn to build an atom-bomb using nothing more than yarn, drain-cleaner, bubble-gum and common garden soil!


2) You HATE people and LOATHE a strong sense of community! BizSugar is the #1 Web-based, business-related Social Media Community. It is a place to forge relationships, make contacts, network and be part of a GREAT community of leading business professionals.

If the thought of this irks the hell out of you…stay away…play solitaire on your computer and be by yourself!


3) You already are part of a business-related, online Social Media community that’s far better, more interesting and has more opportunity than BizSugar. Sorry…I’ve already checked; such a place does not exist 😦 


4) You want to keep readership of your blog and business articles to a bare minimum. If this is the case, and if you hate reader comments, Oh, what a pain they are to answer, then stay far away from BizSugar. Placing my blog urls on BizSugar has increased my average article views by 35%. If the thought of this happening to you is overwhelming, nauseating or makes you wake up in the middle of the night sweating and terrified, don’t even consider it!


5) You’re already making enough money and the thought of getting knocked up to that next tax bracket worries the hell out of you. I have received eight referrals and five jobs outright from BizSugar members. It is the place for small-business professionals to network and forge lasting bonds. It has proven to be a treasure-trove of added income. Don’t want more customers or clients? Already driving around in a new Bentley? Don’t join!


If however, the thought of being part of the GREATEST online business-community is a pleasant thought…visit www.bizsugar.com today!



Yonatan Maisel is a business blogger and author. He started a business blog one year ago. 90% of his new clients now find their way to him as a direct result of having read one or more posts. He is a regular contributor at www.bizSugar.com and www.jobshuk.com.
This is Yoni’s Dog “Halva.”  


She is a “Caanan-Dog,” an ancient breed and the only dog native to Israel. In addition to walking through the rolling hills and forests surrounding our home, she loves Blues, Jazz and strawberry milkshakes! 
Image Credits: Top5: OCweekly; Class; thestartupist; people: aspire-empower; Rabbit: thesweetscape; Reading at computer: horsesmouth; Money: bushywood; I Hate People: farm3.static at flickr
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