Confessions of a Biz-Blogger “Junkie” On Vacation: Addiction, Cravings & Withdrawal

Confessions of a Biz Blogger “JUNKIE” On Vacation: Addiction, Cravings & Withdrawal

I promised my lovely wife, herself a recent convert to biz blogging, that I would spend the next two weeks taking a vacation from blogging. The decision was made so as to take a break coinciding with the end of my first year of blogging and to recharge my “batteries.”

I turned the “blog-switch” in my brain to the off position. At least I thought I did…

I posted messages to my readers not to expect any postings until the beginning of August. I won’t let them know of this new post…at the expense of less views, I’ll save myself the humiliation of showing them how weak I really am! 

And I swore to myself I’d stay away from Twitter.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I had too many ideas in my head. More than once I began to make my way to the computer. “Get back in bed,” called my wife Rivkah. “I know where you’re going!”

Two weeks of blog vacation?

But the cravings are so strong. I imagine myself typing. I keep looking for and finding things to blog about. I’m writing them in my head. I’m constructing the Tweets in my mind. I can’t stop!

I have tremors like a “Skid-Row” addict fantasizing about his next bottle of cheap wine.

As a literary writer myself, I can tell you about a phenomenon proven to exist called “writer’s high.” It comes from the brain’s release of endorphins, a chemical similar in structure and composition to opiates.

It’s the same thing that happens to runners and people who exercise. It makes you feel great! But when the activity that produces the release is stopped, the high ends and the spiral downward begins. Emptiness. A void.


Perhaps I’ll eat something sweet to take the edge off! Remember:

I’m feeling it now. Blogging is great for my business, but I also, plain and simply, love doing it.

Like any good addict, I’ve promised myself I won’t slip up again. This post will be the last! Am I in denial? Am I rationalizing?

Yes, I am an addict and as they say, admitting you have a problem is the first step.


There are so many things out there to be addicted to: crack, cocaine, heroin, crystal-meth. Alcohol. Porn. Cigarettes. Food. Painkillers.

I guess in the grand scheme of things if you’re going to be an addict, blogging is not the worst thing you could be addicted to!

Yonatan Maisel is a business blogger and author. He started a business blog one year ago. 90% of his new clients now find their way to him as a direct result of having read one or more posts. He is a regular contributor at and




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4 Responses to Confessions of a Biz-Blogger “Junkie” On Vacation: Addiction, Cravings & Withdrawal

  1. Good luck with your time away from blogging. If you need to live vicariously through another blogger’s blogging, you could always stop by my site: Maybe you’ll get addicted to it! Or at least mildly amused and willing to return.

    • halva67 says:

      Reading Writer,

      Thanks so much for your response! I have checked out your site and am duly impressed! I will be stopping by often to see what’s new!


  2. Susan Oakes says:

    Hi Yoni,

    There seems to be a bit of a drug theme going on. Really glad you enjoy blogging however taking a break actually makes sense. Even athletes take a rest and recharge. Why not just jot down your ideas for 30 minutes if you have to and enjoy your holiday.

    BTW what is your twitter handle?

  3. halva67 says:


    You are right about taking a break! I have begun this morning to simply walk around with pencil and paper, jotting down the things I will blog about when the calendar page switches to August!

    All the best,


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