How Important Is a CLEAR Message in Business (REMARKABLE Video!)

How Important Is a CLEAR Message in Business (REMARKABLE Video)

Think it’s not that important for a clear message in business? Think it’s not important that both sides are clear as to messages, directions and instructions?

What are the implications?

It can mean the difference between understanding and being misunderstood! It can mean the difference between a clear message and one which is confused.

In the 21st Century we live in a new global village rich in different languages, diversity and cultures. It is something to be valued, treasured and enjoyed! But sometimes things can get a bit confusing. And…

…sadly, as you will observe in the following video, sometimes it can mean the difference between…


 LIFE and DEATH! Sometimes in business, understanding and misunderstanding can hinge on one word!


CLARIFY! It’s up to both parties to make sure everything is clearly understood!


And special thanks to my husband and BizSugar blogging partner YONI for helping me see the unusual, the strange, the enlightening and the important in all things that at first glance seem so mundane!


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