And the Winner of The Biz Sugar Article Contest Is….

And the Winner of The Biz Sugar Article Contest Is….

Very recently, a decision was made to sponsor a contest on BizSugar.

The rules were quite simple, the original article with the most votes would win! No subjective judging, just based on the number of votes cast and received by one’s peers…as true judging should be!

As voted by you, the discerning BizSugar public, the winner is…

…drum-roll please…


Shawn Hessinger, (,  business blogger extraordinaire and all-around GURU of all things business, for his INCREDIBLE article “How To Build A Community” which received 47 votes!

If you are looking for GREAT information on how to build an online Social Community, in general, or as pertains to Business-Related Social Media in particular, or be an influential part of one of these communities, this is THE article to learn from! In that context I don’t call it suggested reading, I call it a not-to-be-missed, highly-educational “must-read!” It is filled, as all of Shawn’s articles are, with tremendous insight and wisdom!

Shawn will be receiving the Grand Prize:

A bottle of Sabra chocolate-orange liqueur. It’s the official liqueur of the State of Israel. And take my word, it ROCKS!

The prize has been generously donated by “Bayt Yayin Yisraeli” (The Israel House of Wine).

Congratulations Shawn!

Hat’s off to you! And please check your email soon for a request for your mailing address!


Image credits: Hat’s Off:gohealthygofit; Winner: smamanta at flickr



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