Abraham Lincoln: A Brief Lesson in Business & Professional Perseverance!

Abraham Lincoln: A Brief Though AMAZING Lesson in Business & Professional Perseverance.

The following facts are often used as a motivational tool for those in the world of business. The following is a professional account of Abraham Lincoln’s life:

1831: Began his own business: Failed

1832: Ran for Illinois State Legislature: Lost

1833: Went into business; it ended in Bankruptcy

1834: Ran for Illinois State Legislature: Won

1835: Got engaged; his fiancee died before the wedding

1836: Suffered a nervous breakdown and remained bed-ridden for six months. Defeated in re-election bid for Illinois State Legislature.

1838: Ran for Speaker of the Illinois State Legislature: Lost

184o: Ran for Illinois State House: Lost

1843: Ran for US Congress: Lost

1846: Again ran for US Congress: Won

1848: Ran for re-election to US Congress: Lost

1849: Ran for the elected-position of Illinois Land Officer: Lost

1854: Ran for US Senate: Lost

1856: Seeks his party’s Vice-Presidential nomination: Lost

1858: Ran for US Senate: Lost

1860: Runs for US President: WINS!!!!



Image credits:White House: lincolndouglassquincydebate; Success/Perseverance: JTface at flickr

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