The DANGER Of Over-Reliance On Technology In Business (Chilling Video)

The following video, perhaps more than any other, demonstrates VERY vividly the DANGER of Over-Reliance on technology in business!

DISCLAIMER: I am a business blogger known for my use of humor, quirkiness and irreverent views on all subjects having to do with the world of business. There is Nothing, NOTHING humorous, quirky, entertaining or irreverant in the following video. I am NOT using it as a “promo” for my business. That would be tasteless, and in my opinion, unforgiveable, callous and inexcusable! For that reason, unlike in all of my other posts, you will not find the name of my business anywhere in this one.

The video, courtesy of The Learning Channel, is being posted ONLY to demonstrate what happens when the “human-factor” is removed from business and in its place, an over-reliance on the “technology-factor” is substituted.

The video shows the crash during the test-flight of the first fully-automated airliner during an airshow in Habsheim, France on June, 26, 1988.

Though in and of itself, it is not graphic, sadly, though you will not see it, three people aboard the plane lost their lives.

In a business sense, the following questions can and must be gleened from this tragic accident and answered in a responsible manner:

1) Is a business depending too much on technology?

2) Is the technology safe, tested and proven?

3) Are there back-up systems in place?

4) Is there “redundancy” in case any of the technological systems fail?

5) Is there still room for reliance on human beings as a backup for technology?

6) Will harm come about to others if and when the technology fails? 

7) Does the benefit of the technology outweigh the risk associated with its use?

8) An additional point, as suggested by my friend Alan: It is far more crucial with technology to ask, “What could go wrong,” than waiting until a failure and asking in retrospect “What steps could have been taken to prevent this from having gone wrong!”

May the souls of those lost rest in peace, and may we all learn a valuable lesson about the over-reliance on technology…

Yonatan Maisel

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