A BizSugar Philanthropy Project? Just An Idea…

A BizSugar Philanthropy Project? Just An Idea…

Just an idea which together with the warm Jerusalem air and the smell of pine from our nearby forest floated into my mind this morning.

BizSugar is a community. It is one that as a member I see growing tighter and stronger day after day and week after week.

We the members are businesspeople. We struggle, we earn and for the most part we succeed. I got to thinking about how some of that success might be translated into giving something back.

An idea which sprang to mind was some sort of philanthropy project. Perhaps it could take the form of an annual award given to a deserving business student. Tuition? Perhaps it could be in the form of supplying a struggling, disabled or needy entrepreneur with the equipment needed to get started? A disabled veteran? The spouse or child of a fallen law-enforcement officer? An award to a community organization? The possibilities are endless!

What if each member contributed what he or she could? $25? $50? $100? 500? What if some corporations got involved? GE. IBM. Microsoft. $1,000? $5,000? $20,000?

Such a project would benefit the members with a sense of doing good, and it would benefit BizSugar. The publicity generated could/would be enormous.

It would be a wonderful way of giving back!

As a member, it is not up to me to decide such things. It’s just an idea…


I am Yonatan Maisel (pictured on right with wife, Rivkah).


 My blog can be found at www.jobshuk.com. I’m also a regular contributor at www.bizsugar.com.  Thanks for stopping by!


Images: plant in hands: raidercheckup; gift: all-free-download.com

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