Brief Thoughts on UFOs, Collisions & Closing A Business Deal!

UFOs, Aliens and Succeeding in Closing Business Deals!

UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects, invade our skies on a regular basis…at least according to some believers.

The thing I find most intriguing, and the thing that makes me an arch-skeptic, is the numerous crash sites where UFOs supposedly have been recovered by secret units of the US government, the most famous of course, being in Roswell, New Mexico.

Yup! Let’s get this straight…aliens from galaxies tens, if not hundreds, of light years away build a spaceship with technology we can’t yet imagine. (By the way, it would take the Space Shuttle 78,000 years to travel to our nearest star!) The alien spaceship hurtles at warp speed across the Milk Way galaxy, arrives at planet Earth…and the first thing it does is crashes!!!

That’s like driving safely from New York to your home in Los Angeles, losing control in the final foot and crashing into your house! The only real rational explanation is that the aliens, not adapted to alcohol, beam up a case of Budweiser from a local tavern, and…yeah, you get the picture! 


Okay, let’s say these aliens do indeed crash their UFOs. They are terrible closers of deals. Just when they get here to invade, conquer or kidnap, they blow it!

In business, a deal can be a process in which you must prove and demonstrate that you are indeed the best and most qualified person to provide the goods/services that your prospective customer needs or wants.

Closing the deal is the key. It is the make-or-break moment! Be a great closer. Sell yourself! “Wow” them! Show them you are the one! Show them you are WORTHY of their business and their money! Be confident! Seize the day! Seize the DEAL!

Don’t be like aliens and blow it at the last moment!


I am Yonatan Maisel (pictured on right with wife, Rivkah).


 My blog can be found at I’m also a regular contributor at  Thanks for stopping by!

UFO Image: Copyright B. Nichols, 1992; Handshake:

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One Response to Brief Thoughts on UFOs, Collisions & Closing A Business Deal!

  1. Susan Oakes says:

    Hi Yoni,

    Like the picture by the way. You are right many do blow it a the last minute and perhaps one reason is they focus on the closing the sale when the customer is not ready yet to buy. I am definitely not experienced in sales so it would be good to hear from others for the major reasons this happens.

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