Biz Lesson: Instilling Respect, Loyalty, Allegience and Dedication (Video)

Biz Lesson: Instilling Respect, Loyalty, Allegience and Dedication (Video)

You’ve completed a project for a customer or client. They were wonderfully pleased. You were showered with praise and accolades. There was a feeling of mutual satisfaction: you for a job well-done, they for a great product or service.

There was a bond created. An alliance. An affiliation. A union. It wasn’t just business, it was personal…

But that was in the past. Yes, clients come and go. You’ve moved on, as have they. Perhaps it’s been six months? Two years? Maybe even ten? Time flies and, unfortunately, even the strongest connections can be lost sometimes…

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As your valued and valuable past clients you should ask yourself…Is it worth getting in touch with them? Sending a friendly email? Asking how they are? Wishing them well? Inquiring if they, or anyone else they know, requires any further assistance?

As you watch the following awe-inspiring, incredible video (perhaps you have seen it before?) think of things in a business sense.

Think of the two gentlemen you see as businesspeople and the lion as a former customer or client. Use your imagination for this one.


Think about people that you have given your professional heart and soul to. Think of people whose respect and admiration you have earned! Think of that bond that surpassed business and became personal

…do you think they’ve forgotten you?

Maybe they have. But chances are they haven’t. Maybe they need your assistance again. Perhaps they have a referral for you. Maybe it’s just the kind of connection which will keep the door open for future opportunity.


I am Yonatan Maisel (pictured on right with wife, Rivkah).


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One Response to Biz Lesson: Instilling Respect, Loyalty, Allegience and Dedication (Video)

  1. Susan Oakes says:

    Loved this video Yoni. One key thing for me is that the relationship was built up over time and therefore the bond. It does not happen overnight and takes consistent effort for it to work with customers. As the saying goes out of sight, out of mind.

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