Could a BizSugar Book Be Next?

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Could a BizSugar Book Be Next?

For today’s post, I depart from my usual blog at, as this post is specific to BizSugar. I turn, for the first time to WordPress.

I got to thinking this morning about several things:

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1) BizSugar is by far, without exception, without a shred of doubt, the greatest business Social Media site there is!

2) The greatest business minds congregate at BizSugar!

3) BizSugar contributors have built, nurtured and led their respective businesses to success!

4) BizSugar contributors have skill, acumen and an incredible way of bringing their ideas, experiences and knowledge to great written form!

And this is the biggee…drum-roll please!

5) Business books are a HUGE thing these days!

BizSugar, in addition to great contributors has a FANTASTIC team in charge. Founder Anita Campbell is one of the foremost minds in the business world. Shawn Hessinger, Chief Moderator, is a brilliant business thinker and leader. And the list goes on…

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So I pose the question: Could a BizSugar book be a possibility?

What if BizSugar were to ask site contributors to submit individual articles or chapters? BizSugar, after all, has experts in so many fields: Communication, Blogging, Business Law, Marketing, PR, Writing, Franchising, Management, HR, Technology, Social Networking, MultiMedia¬†and more! Imagine great introductory chapters from the likes of Anita and Shawn, followed by the “best of” from selected contributors!

How many stories we as a group have to tell. Ideas. Bootstrapping. Building. Thinking. Strategizing. Networking. Blood, sweat and tears. And Success! Success is something people LOVE reading about and is there any shortage of success stories at BizSugar? Nope.

Delight Old Businessman over Success

Furthermore, people love books with multiple contributors. Why? Because it gives them many different perspectives. Many different viewpoints. Many different stories. And many avenues to success!

Could a BizSugar book succeed? Could it make it? Can you imagine it on a best-seller list and for sale on Amazon?

I could!

So I pose the question! Could a BizSugar Book Be Next?

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